BPTS Holdings is diversified between Mining, Training, Constructions, Cleaning and farming.

BPTS Holdings is a South African based holdings company that was conceptualized by business oriented Monkge Shawn Mmowa. BPTS HOLDINGS consists of five subsidiaries, namely BPTS Resources, BPTS Properties, BPTS Cleaning, Primosh Projects and Kwayedza Farming. BPTS Resources specializes in geological, mining, geotechnical and metallurgical engineering solutions, environmental impacts assessment and waste management solutions.

BPTS Properties has interest in investment, corporate finance, property development and management. Primosh Projects was founded on the ideals of general constructions, project management and plant hire solutions. BPTS Cleaning offers cleaning solutions and landscaping services. Kwayedza Farming specializes in farming and farm products distribution.


BPTS Resources

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Meet Monkge Shawn Mmowa - Managing Director & CEO

BPTS Holdings is 100 percent owned and led by Mr. Shawn Mmowa, a professional geologist and entrepreneur. Shawn Mmowa is also a co-founder and Executive Director of Masiphile Mineral Resources (Pty) ltd. (junior mining company). Through his experience and working for different companies, Shawn was exposed to geological, mining, SHEQ, mechanical engineering, civil construction, retail, marketing and distribution environments.

And was privileged to have worked and associated himself with some of the most successful business executives nationally and internationally. Shawn Mmowa have developed Business knowledge around Business administration, Development of business market, Multi-disciplinary projects management and supervision.

Shawn Mmowa is responsible for day to day strategic and operational management of the company’s business, including responsibility for ensuring that the company meets its statutory and other legal obligations. To promote the success of the company, among others, Shawn comply with section 75 and 76 of Companies Act, Act 71 of 2008. He, at all times act in good faith, with proper purpose and in the best interest of the company. BPTS Holdings CEO also foster business relationships with suppliers, customers and investors. It is Shawn Mmowa’s utmost interest to continuously evaluate the consequences of any decision in the long-term, act fairly to the company employees, take into considerations the impacts of the company’s operations on the community and environment.

Shawn Mmowa founded BPTS Holdings after working for a range of companies. He joined SEMFRA Construction as Fitter Assistant (SA), MPRN Construction as Safety Officer (SA), Philcorn Business Enterprises as Site Supervisor (SA), Tshikovha Environmental and Communication Consulting as Environmental Consultant (SA), MTP Resources as a project geologist (Madagascar), Siblings Projects and Management as Foreman (SA), GeoPoint Investments as a geologist (SA); and GLA Mining as a Site Supervisor (SA).

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