The company subsidiaries are modeled in a fashion that enables respond rapidly and efficiently to changes in market conditions.
BPTS Holdings is diversified between Mining, Training, Constructions, Cleaning and farming.

• BPTS Resources (Pty) ltd | • BPTS Properties (Pty) ltd | • BPTS Cleaning (Pty) ltd | • Primosh Projects, | • Kwayedza Farming.

Kwayedza Farming (Pty) Ltd is a South Africa based farming and farm products distribution company.
The company name was derived from the Shona word “kwayedza” that means “the dawn has come”. We believe in the maxim of sharing the wealth of world with its respective dwellers.


• Agricultural products supplies ( Fruits, Fresh Vegetables , Grains, Nuts & Kernels, seeds, seafood, Animal husbandry products , Agrochemicals and other Agriculture Products).

• Farming.
• Agricultural consulting.

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